Gwendoline Ruais denies "fighting" with fellow beauty queens AtrkGwendoline Ruais denies "fighting" with fellow beauty queens

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 Gwendoline Ruais denies "fighting" with fellow beauty queens

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Gwendoline Ruais denies "fighting" with fellow beauty queens Empty
PostSubject: Gwendoline Ruais denies "fighting" with fellow beauty queens   Gwendoline Ruais denies "fighting" with fellow beauty queens EmptyThu Mar 07, 2013 6:52 am

Gwendoline Ruais denies "fighting" with fellow beauty queens Venus Raj and Shamcey Supsup

Gwendoline Ruais denies "fighting" with fellow beauty queens Ab0e9f958

Article from

Nakausap ng (Philippine Entertainment Portal) ang beauty queen na si Gwendoline Ruais sa relaunch ng Equal low-calorie sweetener kahapon, March 5, sa ballroom ng Luxent Hotel sa Timog Avenue, Quezon City.

Panahon na naman ng beauty pageants, kaya ito ang una naming inusisa sa Miss World 2011 First Princess.

Tinanong namin si Gwendoline kung may bet na ba siya sa Binibining Pilipinas ngayong taon.

Sagot niya, “Well, actually, to be honest, hindi ko pa nakikita yung mga contestants.

“I’m not really sure what’s going on, medyo busy kasi ako ngayon.

“Pero... I mean, it’s a beauty pageant, siyempre everybody watches naman and will support that.

“Hindi ko pa nakikita ang mga candidates, so when I see, siyempre there’s always somebody who stands out.

“Of course, I’ll look for intelligence, talent, height, personality.

“Sana, kung may time ako, titingnan ko ‘yan.”

TALENT AGENCY. Maraming candidates ngayon sa Binibining Pilipinas na nanggaling sa Mercator Model & Artist Management, na pinanggalingan din ni Gwendoline.

Pero ayon kay Gwendoline, “Ah... I’m not aware. I’m not with Mercator kasi I’m with ALV [Talent Circuit].

“Yes, I’m with Arnold [Vegafria]—since last year, end of last year.”

Ano nangyari at nawala siya sa Mercator?

“Well, matagal na. I’m not with Mercator for a long time na... it’s been more than a year.

“Actually, I never signed with Mercator, really.

“And then, I just chose a management that I just preferred—somebody I really like. “And I get along great with Arnold, I’m very, very happy to be with him.”

PREFERRED. May hindi magandang karanasan ba siya with Mercator and its head na si Jonas Gaffud?

Sagot ni Gwendoline, “Well, on my part, I have no bad ano... nothing naman.

“I was just, it’s the artists’ choice naman, e—you can go with whoever you feel comfortable.

“And I just wanted to do it with somebody that I feel comfortable with... that believes in me and to be in a real family.

“So, that’s what I have with Arnold and all of his artists and everybody at ALV.

“So I’m very, very happy there.

"My mom loves him... it was a family choice talaga. I’m very happy with Arnold.”

Hindi na raw niya nakakausap si Jonas.

“No, I don’t talk to him, I mean personally on my side, wala namang... and I still talk to everybody else in his entourage.”

Kaibigan pa rin daw ni Gwendoline ang kapwa niya beauty queens na sina Venus Raj at Shamcey Supsup, na Mercator babies pa rin pareho.

“Ah, yeah! There’s no... I mean they’re making us... the press is making us seem like we’re fighting or whatever.

“Pero actually, wala naman.

"When articles come out, we were all like shocked nga.

“It’s sad that people have to invent drama, but, you know, you’re in showbiz, I’m used to it.

“Ako, I don’t mind talaga. I know who my real friends are.

“Venus, Shamcey... we all know that we’re not fighting and so iyon naman ang importante.

“People can talk naman pero, at the end of the day, we know what’s the real story.”

NO CONTACT. Pero iyon na nga, wala silang communication at all ni Jonas.

“Wala at all.”

Only with Venus and Shamcey?

“Yes, and the others. Lahat ng mga trainers, ng mga group, we’re good naman... there’s no issue naman with us.

“We settled things and make things clear that you know... there’s no issue with us.

“Minsan kasi, when people talk and you don’t ask the real story from the person itself...

“Just like me, kasi ako, I don’t get involved in mga drama, e... I don’t comment.

“Because if you’re my real friend, you will know the real story, di ba?

“You don’t need to believe what you read in the press.

“Well, in the past year, there was like a miscommunication and everything, not with Venus and Shamcey or anything... you know, with the other trainers.

“But we made it clear recently and it was just a misunderstanding lang naman. So we’re all good naman.

“As with Jonas, I have no comment there, but we don’t communicate yet.”

NO EXPIRATION. Ilang taon ang kontrata niya sa ALV?

“Ahh... tingnan natin!” at tumawa si Gwendoline.

Pumirma na ba siya ng kontrata?

“Oo, I’m with Arnold. But you know, it’s like a family like I said, so it all depends.

“Like, you know, if I move to France or what if... we don’t know what will happen.

“But we’re very, very happy with Arnold and he gives me the freedom to... you know.

“He doesn’t tie you down, and it’s like a family like I said, he understands naman what happens.

“But as for me, I don’t see an expiry date on my contract.”

Walang nakalagay kung ilang taon ang kontrata niya?

“No, no, for me, for me lang.

"Parang… every contract naman, you can renew, you can cancel, it doesn’t mean anything naman, e.”

Ilang taon ang nakalagay sa pinirmahan niya?

“Secret!” at tumawa muli si Gwendoline.

ALV TALENTS. Kumusta naman ang mga “kapatid” niya sa ALV?

“Yes, I love them! We just came back from judging a pageant together.

“We were ten artists from ALV, Carla [Abellana] was hosting, I was a judge with Andrew Wolfe, with the Semerad twins... it’s like a big family talaga!”

Talents na rin ng ALV sina Anthony at David Semerad na parehong basketball players.

“Parang road trip talaga.

"Can you imagine, you just go somewhere, you do an event and you’re ten from the same family?

“It was so much fun talaga, which is what I love in ALV because we’re always together and it’s a big family.”

Hindi kaya sila magkaroon ng professional rivalry ni Carla?

“Hindi naman! I love her na nga.

"Siya nga nag-host ng pageant na nanalo ako, di ba, yung Miss World-Philippines?

“Ngayon, close na close na kami.

“The other day, we were joking backstage nga about the pageant, about the Q&A drama-drama.

“Everybody in this family is really great, ang bait nila lahat!”

HOSTING VS. ACTING. Ngayong talent na siya ng ALV, ano ang plano para sa kanya—acting or hosting?

“Well, Arnold wants me to try acting.

“I’m not sure I’d be good at it but he’s confident and he wants me to take [acting] lessons.

"So we’ll see in the future... we’ll see.

“As of now, I do what I love—I do hosting and I have a new TV show and I’m very happy about it.

“Yung Gusto Kong Maging Beauty Queen, so siyempre, beauty queen-oriented pa rin. It’s with Studio 23.

“We already have our final contestants. Para siyang beauty pageant-reality show.\

“So it’s a lot of fun and I’m a judge there and I’m very excited about that.

“We’re still in the process of taping, we’ve already taped a few episodes but we’ll resume shooting in April.

“So siguro, mag-e-air ‘yan ng June, something like that, so well see.”

REALITY SHOW. Parang America’s Next Top Model o ANTM ang show niya?

“Beauty queen version,” paglilinaw ni Gwendoline.

“Pero I didn’t mention the ANTM, do not quote me for that, because we’re totally different.

“We really conceptualized and really thought about the show and how to make it really different in our own.

“And really to make it really pageant, a pageant show not like all those modelling competitions.

“It has resemblances in the sense that they’re all in the house, and there’s eliminations.

“But at the end of the day, it’s really a beauty pageant and it’s about transformation and taking real Filipina beauties and transforming them.

“Because the slogan is, ‘Kung akala mo hindi ka puwedeng mag-beauty queen, ito ang para sa iyo.’

“Because we have no height requirement, no age requirement, if you have kids, it’s okay, anything is fine.

“We take Filipinas who believe that they could never be beauty queens and we transform them.

“I’ll train them in catwalk, we have Q & A [question and answer], we have personality development, and we have everything.

“We have trainors, we have gym, stylist, we have everything to really transform them into beautiful women inside and out.”

Sila rin ba ang magsasali sa mga ito sa iba-ibang beauty contests?

“It’s not like an attachment. If you win, you can join.

“It’s more... we take Filipina women and give them confidence and beauty.

“Now if they win, they can do whatever they want after that—we’re not tying them down to anything.

“It’s... we’re just there to help them achieve confidence and their true beauty queen potential.

“Not affiliated to anything... it’s a separate TV show where we just try to help Filipina women.”
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Gwendoline Ruais denies "fighting" with fellow beauty queens
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